Justin Bieber's ex Selena Gomez was spotted with his rival Orlando Bloom leaving the Los Angeles airport together yesterday Oct. 20. Now fans question if both are finally dating.

Since the last time Selena and Orlando were rumored to be dating in the early spring of 2014, Orlando swung a punch at Justin over the summer for comments he made over an alleged dalliance with Orlando’s ex and baby mama,Miranda Kerr.

Now, both are seen together again with Justin out of sight. Could this mystery meeting be an ultimate revenge in the wake of a Jelena split?

According to reports, Selena is billed to host the 'We Day', conference in Vancouver on Oct. 22 while Orlando will appear at the conference alongside her. So, their being at the airport is no mystery; but their leaving at the exact same time within feet of each other definitely is!

We just wonder what exactly is going on between the two now single stars and how Justin Bieber will react after seeing these pictures.

After all, he had a private dinner with Selena's former bff, Kendall Jenner in Paris few weeks back!