An insider tells Hollywood Life that even though its not clear whether Kanye West,Lamar Odom or Tyga would take part, Scott is ready to give the groom-to-be a great treat.

"Scott wants everyone rallying behind Rob and his decision to get married,” an insider  tells the site. "To show his support, he’s planning on throwing Rob a huge bachelor party, most likely in Las Vegas or at Joe Francis' resort in Mexico,” the source continued.

"He wants Lamar there and Kanye, and of course Rob’s closest friends like " who are likely be invited as well!

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As we earlier reported rapper Tyga, who's dating Rob's little sister, Kylie Jenner had sent the couple congratulatory message via Twitter saying he would love for the mother of his child to be happy because everyone deserves happiness.

As for Kanye, he claims he's not been invited to ChyRob wedding and sources close to Lamar say the former NBA star thinks Rob is making a mistake getting married to Chyna… just like the Kardashian family.

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However, Rob says his family is thrilled about his decision to get married even though its not clear if they are thrilled with his choice of bride.