Nigerian comedian Koffi, 38, has spoken to Pulse TV about the rift between Helen Paul and Gordons.

Koffi (Idowu Nuel) commented on the viral video of Helen Paul and Gordons throwing jabs at each other on stage at AY Live.

Koffi who is an actor, singer and comedian decided to advise both stand up acts. “I will just tell them “please, there are some things we don’t do in public space. They are both my friends. Helen is my baby, Gordons na my guy. So I would say sometimes egbon should do like egbon, aburo should do like aburo” he told Pulse TV exclusively.

“Whatever transpired that they now brought out to the public they should have settled it…there’s nothing to it” he further added.

Koffi noted that the spirit of collaboration was dying among comedians in Nigeria. In this clip, Koffi also spoke about social media comedians. According to him they make his work easier on stage.

You can watch the interview below;