Davido, the household pop brand that has dominated the charts since his official debut single 'Back When' featuring rapper Naeto C.

His first album '' was a commercial success that launched him to the A list of top singer is Nigeria. With all the acclaim and controversies Davido is still waxing strong.

He might be a famous singer, but how well do you know Davido?

Take our quiz below to find out more about him;

1) Apart from singing Davido is also a ___________

a) producer

b) engineer

c) maths teacher

d) mechanic

2) What is the name of the movie Davido acted?

a) John Zerebe

b) Hero

c) Friends

d) Sango

3) Davido graduated with a _____________ at Babcock University?

a) First Class

b) 2nd Class Upper

c) 2nd Class Lower

d) HND

4) What is the name of Davido's DJ

a) DJ Olu

b) DJ Bolu

c) DJ Xclusive

d) DJ Neptune

5) What is the name of Davido's daughter

a) Yemisi

b) Imade

c) Carolina

d) Sandra


1) A, 2) A, 3) B, 4) A, 5) B

Watch Pulse TV interview below by his artiste.