On Tuesday, April 12, 2016 popular Nigerian musician

In his letter Duncan Mighty appealed to the President for an opportunity to serve in his government especially in the area of youths and sports.

“Dear Mr President, My Name is DUNCAN MIGHTY a successful musician who has always exported the good massages, RYTHME and vibes of Nigerian IKWERRE PORT HARCOURT content to the global world.

“I am also a successful entrepreneur/businessman with remarkable achievements in Niger Delta.

“Please I want you to give me the opportunity to assist your Government in carrying out youth empowerment project in Niger Delta as to enable some of our eligible youths shun social vices, cultism and face there Gods given talent for a greeter Nigeria of Tomorrow” wrote Duncan Mighty.

As crazy as it may sound Duncan Mighty’s offer to the President makes sense. He could actually do a world of good for this current administration.

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First of all, it is not a secret that President Buhari has an image problem in the Niger-Delta region of the country. People in the South-South see the President as tribalistic and a religious extremist. This image problem could really blow up on the President’s face if he decides to run for the second term.

Here comes in Duncan Mighty. The singer is insanely popular in the Niger-Delta. Some people will tell you that he is even bigger than Wizkid in this region. Duncan Mighty will be the perfect person to launder the image of the President in the South-South. He can be like his unofficial spokesperson sort of what D’banj was for Goodluck Jonathan when he ran for re-election.

Duncan Mighty can record songs, and shoot music videos for President Buhari. He can also speak to the young people in the Niger-Delta and polish the image of the country’s number one citizen.

On behalf of the President, Duncan Mighty can create an initiative to engage unemployed youths within the region. This initiative can help create jobs for young people who are jobless. This will help reduce the level of unemployment within the South-South. This will be another master stroke for the President.

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Other avenues Duncan Mighty can help Buhari is to help establish a music festival and sports competition sponsored by the President. Just picture Duncan Mighty handing the trophy to the winning team or performing at the music festival. This will create so much goodwill for the Buhari and the Federal Government in a region of the country that it is highly needed.

Duncan Mighty’s offer to the President should be commended. Instead of criticizing the President like most celebrities tend to do he is offering a helping hand. Hopefully the President listens.