Sex appeal is a key feature in show business. It is assumed that to be successful in this business, a female celebrity has to have sex appeal.

With generalization comes the exception. Some female celebrities- actresses and singers- have been able to ply their trade without a fixation on their boobs or ass. From

Our own songbird Asa who presently perches in France could be said to be among these group of exceptional females but her latest photos have started making a few of us wondering. Asa is beginning to shed her old skin for a new and attractive one.

On September 14, 2016, Asa shared a photo of herself on her Instagram photo. The picture which was taken by Lakin Ogunbanwo whose works has been featured in Vogue Magazine focuses on Asa's accentuated curves.

A lot of people must have double checked the photo when it popped on their timeline. Asa's photos are soulful and not usually sexy. Even actress Genevieve Nnaji had to comment about the photo with fire emojis.

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This is not the first 'hot' photo that Asa has posted on social media in recent times. Earlier in the year, Asa posted a couple of photos of her sweating it out in the gym. In simplistic terms, the photos show Asa flaunting her gym body.

Also, there was an Instagram video of her 'twerking' it out to the sounds of Kiss Daniel in the gym. There is a pattern here of Asa subtly expressing her sensual side which started in April 2015 when she released her 'Eyo' music video. In the visuals, Asa rocked a low plunge dress, a contrast to her style in previous years.

The sexification of Asa. There is a thin thread of the singer showing off a bit more curves and skin. I think Asa isn't doing this to gain attention. The spirit of her music does not require sex appeal to draw people in.

I think this a new phase of Asa where she is comfortable in expressing her sexuality and sensuality. Who says you can't sing the blues and look hot?

This is the new Asa, who struts her stuff and can still hit the deep notes.