There is something about child stars that makes them lose it (whatever it is) when they grow up.

When the subject of child stars who burn out early on when they have stopped being cute and cuddly we quickly think of the

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Also we can't forget the 30-year-old actress Lindsay Lohan. Once touted to be one of the shining lights of Young Hollywood, Lohan has slipped disappeared from the front page and slipped in ratings. These days she is a C list actress.

Her 2004 film '' (arguably her most popular work) raked in $129m at the box office. If you compare the box office impact of this movie to her 2013 flick '' which could only pull $56,825 despite a $250,000 budget, you sort of see how Lindsay Lohan has fallen off.

From movie sets to gossip magazines, Lindsay Lohan is a symbol of innocence lost in the alluring hills of Hollywood. For a while the controversial actress had been quiet. She got engaged and it seemed things were normal with her until July 21, 2016.

On this day Lindsay Lohan made a scene by waking her entire street by screaming that her fiancé Egor Tarabasov, was trying to kill her during an argument at her home.

Her neighbours went on to call the police after she screamed that Tarabasov was strangling her. This is where things get crazy. When the police came home they did not find Tarabasov in the house. In a video obtained by The Sun, Lohan could be seen frantically shouting her name and address. “Please, please, please. He just strangled me. He almost killed me. Everybody will know. Get out of my house,” she screamed as she ran to the balcony of her home.

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Lindsay Lohan also accused her partner of dating a Russian hooker then later announced that she was pregnant. In a change of emotions the actress shared a video on Snapchat Friday, July 22, 2016, with the following message to Tarabasov, "My fiancé’s being really angry at me, but I’m drinking water to get him to come home. Honey, come home, please.”

Despite being reportedly pregnant Lindsay Lohan was seen recently smoking weed. On Saturday, July 30, 2016 the actress was spotted not wearing her engagement ring and wearing a top that almost exposed her breasts.

It's the same narrative with Lindsay Lohan- a movie star that couldn't withstand the pressure of fame. She's unravelling right now and this has been a constant pattern. She is still as controversial as ever. She just had a down time. Right now she is back and it is for all the wrong reasons.