The big bad wolf on social media

Believe it or not Kemi Olunloyo has apologized to the sons of late Henrietta Kosoko over the statement she made about the late actress.

"I sincerely apologize to Taiwo the son of Henrietta Kosoko and Jide Kosoko. My reaction from Morenike Kosoko angered me. Calling me the wizard of prostitutes Olosho Asewo is uncalled for. I had my two children out of wedlock because of domestic violence at 27yo and late Henrietta also had the twins for another man she left too" wrote Kemi Olunloyo on her Instagram page on July 27, 2016.

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She further wrote "I have learned not to engage Nigerians on social media who say such garbage to me. I had a right to be angry at the time but anger is not the answer. May Henrietta rest in peace and not hell and to Jide Kosoko stay strong. I hurt those young men and once again I'm sorry for saying that out of anger."

I must say 2016 has been a year of surprises. Only last week Cool FM Freeze apologized to those had offended within the last one year. Now it's Kemi Olunloyo's turn. Who says miracles can't still happen? Kemi Olunloyo has just apologized for her words. This is borderline remarkable. This doesn't happen everytime.

For years Kemi Olunloyo has prowled the Nigerian space of the Internet, dropping her unfiltered views and opinions like bombs during an air strike. She has made some of the most controversial statements online and she can least be described as a polarizing figure. Kemi Olunloyo takes no prisoners. She is bullish and does not back down on what she believes in.

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Her online ways have attracted not only fans but an army of critics who believe that she is the queen of trolls who must be banished from the Internet. On July 14, 2016 she announced that she was leaving the Internet and went ahead to delete her social media accounts. She was back a week later on the behest of another controversial social critic Femi Fani-Kayode.

I was expecting her to come back with fire and brimstone. It was therefore a pleasant surprise when I saw her apologizing to the Kosoko boys. I guess being a savage all the time is not cool. You have to switch it up sometimes and have a bit of heart.

Are we about to witness a softer Kemi Olunloyo? I doubt that. This particular issue was sensitive that needed an apology. I expect Kemi Olunloyo to still be the big bad wolf on social media. However, maybe this time around she would be a little less harsh.