Well the truce between

After waving a white flag to his former buddy two weeks ago Freeze is back taking shots at the high profile comedian Basketmouth.

Yesterday, Tuesday, August 2, 2016, Freeze threw a shade at his former pal when he posted a photo of his Rolex watch with the caption “I just love the way this feels on my wrist, one of my favorite watches. It's so heavy because platinum is a very heavy metal. My watches tell me the time, that's all that matters. If you want to know when Jesus is coming I'm sorry Rolex can't help you, maybe giving your life to Christ can. Jesus could also help you get rid of bitterness and malice......”

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Apparently this new shot can be traced to an Instagram post Basketmouth made on the same day. He shared a photo of a Rolex watch and wrote “I will only spend N23,000,000 on a watch, if the watch can tell me......

1: The time Jesus is coming back

2: When they will bring back the girls

3: The time corruption will stop in Naija

4: The time the Naira will be equal to the dollar....just to mention a few.”

This is what ticked Freeze off. Remember the controversial on-air-personality is a collector of expensive watches. He is known for his watch collection and is never shy of flaunting his costly time pieces. Basketmouth’s post must have looked like a sub to him and he fired back.

On July 19, 2016 Freeze apologized to Basketmouth and confessed he missed the cordial relationship they once had. “My Dear brother Bright, @basketmouth, I miss how things used to be. If I have ever offended you, I use this as a medium to seek your forgiveness. Trust me, I have forgiven you a long time ago, and I am letting go of all the bitterness” he wrote as he reached out to Basketmouth.

Obviously that show of peace did not work and we are back to square one. This is also back to square one for Freeze who has now made a turnaround from taking shots at celebrities. We thought he had apparently taken a chill pill from all this but Daddy Freeze is still ready to rumble.

At the core of this whole matter is what happened between Freeze and Basketmouth that has made them not see eye to eye? Whatever it is, these two ex-friends are not reconciling anytime soon.