In a recent celebrity poll conducted, Pulse readers say there should be no wedding between Tyga and Kylie Jenner.

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The rumors have been swelling that 25-year-old Tyga - who already has a son with ex, Blac Chyna - is planning on marrying Kylie now that she's hit 18.

To make matters even more suspicious, the reality star was spotted with what looked like an engagement ring in a picture she posted her Instagram on Sunday, September 6.

Some of our readers believe Kylie is way too young and not so matured to get married. They also suggested that Tyga could be marrying her only to get fame since his music career seem to be taking a south movement.

For those who supported the stars' union, they think if the pair truly love each other and think they can tolerate each other, they why not.

In a poll conducted by asking readers if they are in support of Tyga getting married to Kylie,

55% of Pulse readers said no to the rapper taking Kylie as his bride

45% of Pulse readers said Tyga and Kylie can go ahead with their wedding.