Kanye West allegedly demanded his ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose to apologizeto his wife, Kim Kardashian before he forgives her for all she's said about him to other people... But our readers say it is total BS!

Pulse Nigeria readers are telling the former stripper -- she owes Kim nothing called an apology! Most of them claim she has done nothing to Kim. In staed, others went on to say Kim is the one to apologize to Amber for snatching Kanye from her.

During her Los Angeles Slut Walk, Amber told the crowd she's forgiven Kanye for all the nasty things he's said about her including saying he had to take 30 showers before getting down with Kim on 'The Breakfast Club'.

However, there were some reports that Kanye said he won't accept her forgiveness unless she says "I am sorry" for calling Kim a slut in her Twitter fight with Khloe Kardashian earlier this year.

According to our poll, 87.3% of our readers state that Amber Rose should not apologize to Kim while 12.7% still think Amber owes Kim an apology.