Celebrities are known or rather notorious for their entourage. The bigger the status, the bigger the entourage. Just imagine the number of people that will be with

For a star of her magnitude, Beyonce would have more than a dozen people attending to her needs.

While some celebrities have a solid and tight entourage, other celebrities have it twisted. There are a lot of entourages (especially here in Nigeria) that is made up of hangers-on, friends, groupies and associates who do not provide any service whatsoever to the celeb who they are with.

To help keep this professional and organized, Pulse Celebs has listed that should be in a celebrity's entourage during public events.

1) Manager

This should be a no-brainer. A celebrity should never go to a public function without his manager or a representative from the company that handles his management. It is very professionally for a celebrity to go out without his or her manager. At public events, a manager should watch out for his client. Most times a celebrity is caught in an uncompromising situation, the manager is not around.

2) Publicist

If it's a public event then nine out of 10 times there will be members of the press there. A celebrity should always be with his publicist at public events to avoid embarrassing questions. Also, at public functions, it is the job of the publicist (not a manager) to schedule interviews for his or her client.

3) Business manager

At public events, a celebrity's manager should also tag along. You might not know this, but a lot of endorsement deals are started at public events and not in boardrooms. Brand managers attend a lot of social and public events. It's not appropriate for a brand manager to approach a celebrity in public. The best personnel to handle that is a business manager. It is not only imperative for a celebrity to have a business manager but it is imperative for the business manager to be at public events.

4) Stylist

A celebrity should always make fashion statements, that's the only way that they can get noticed at events. A stylist should be at public events with his or her client to ensure the celebrity looks good at all times and doesn't end up in the fashion disaster list the next day.

5) Security

Top celebs show up with some sort of security. There might not be any danger posed to the celebrity but a security adds to the glamour of a celebrity at public events.