P Square group singer, Paul Okoye has expressed his regret concerning missed opportunities relating to the failure to sign some musicians who are earning positive reviews for being unique talents in the industry.

He attributed this to the family drama that is now consistent between him and brothers, Peter and Juke Okoye.

On an interview with Inspiration FM presenters, he revealed that he had the opportunity to sign Phyno and also rues the unfortunate incident with May D which saw Square Records lose out on the singer.

He blamed the losses on bad decisions made by his group.

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Peter Okoye is the latest to vent out his anger concerning their family drama in a face-off with his brother and manager, Jude Okoye.

He commented that Jude has poor managerial skills and deems him unfit to be their manager.

He also blamed the manager for getting in the way of his attempt to sign Cynthia Morgan, and went on to sign her to Northside Entertainment Inc.