Our Man crush for today is Nollywoods hottie,

Joseph Benjamin was born November 9, 1976 and got his big break as the co-host of MTN Project Fame West Africa Season II.

With a confident aura, drop dead gorgeous physique and melting chocolate like skin, Benjamin has been slaying hearts nationwide.

A model, Voice-over artist and television presenter, Benjamin attended primary school in Benue State and completed his secondary education in Lagos State. He attended University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where he earned a diploma in Computer Literacy.

The TV hunk got married in 2004, although he and his wife are now seperated. Their union was blessed with two kids.

Benjamin has starred in several television series, including 'Edge of Paradise', 'Tango With Me' and has appeared in TV and radio commercials.

He has co-hosted, with Adaora Oleh, MTN Project Fame West Africa since 2009.

Benjamin was also nominated for Golden Actor in the Golden Movie Awards which held on May 21, 2015.

Watch Joseph Benjamin in teaser below.