Toni Payne, the ex-wife of Afro-Pop musician, 9ice, has put Linda Ikeji on blast for allegedly using gender abuse to defend herself against Wizkid.

Ikeji recently wrote a long piece on her blog, stating why she reported Wizkid to the Lagos State Police Command, but Payne would have none of it.

In a lengthy Twitter comment, she said, “I can respect a fair & balanced reporting but I can NEVER respect anyone who uses their platform to hurt those she feel has issues with her.

“I love my women folk but I’m sorry I will never stand with another woman when I know in my heart she is a foul."

She criticized Ikeji for her role in encouraging news reporting based on no facts, also stating that the blogger has inspired a lot of 'unprofessional 'copy and pasters'.

Payne also decried the poor state of journalism in the country, alleging that credible news agency have also joined in the trend of malicious reporting.

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“She has influenced a truck load of unprofessional copy and pasters who just don’t care. They post any and anything fake! Dumb headlines too.

“They have singlehandedly destroyed what journalism is in Nigeria! Even the “used to be” credible paper follow join too.

Payne also made sure to denounce violence against women, but maintains that Linda Ikeji is not necessarily innocent.

She advised people not to make their wealth through character defamation.

Payne wrote, "My advise to women and even men is don't build ur wealth at the expense of other people's lives and expect 0 reactions or criticisms."

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