Looks like all of a sudden Lamar Odom is the only thing relevant on all social media platforms as of October 14! In fact, his current medical situation has even buried news about Kylie Jenner's latest Elle Magazine cover which was released Tuesday night, October 13! But why is the former sportsman trending?

Fans are insisting that Lamar is being disrespected by the media after he was reportedly rushed to the Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas on Tuesday after two women found him unresponsive in a brothel.

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According to some Twitter users, the media has repeatedly dished out hurtful headlines to disrespect Lamar and his career. Their major grievance relates to the fact that he is been referred to as "Khloe Kardashian's ex husband"  and not "An NBA champion" in almost all the headlines concerning his health situation.

Lamar is mostly known for winning NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers  alongside superstar Kobe Bryant before he later joined the Clippers.

Some of the fans have concluded that media outlets are so blinded in their efforts to make everything about the Kardashians instead of concerntrating on the star's poor health. Some even claim him surviving or not should be what the media needs to stay on and he should be talked about as the successful NBA champion battling to stay alive instead of driving his name back into his past marriage.