Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous women on the planet reasons being that she's got the "world's best butt", had a record-breaking sex tape, is on reality TV and is now married to a very controversial rapper Kanye West. But how come we don't hear of men who hit on public places or on the phones? Well, she's got the answer.

According to Kim  she doesn't get men hitting on her despite her 'hottness' and beauty as often as many people in the world may think.

The 33-year-old reality star told British GQ magazine earlier this month, "I mean, it's great to be considered a sex symbol," she said, "But I don't get hit on, really -- I think men are too afraid of Kanye.!"

It's no surprise that her rapper husband has been associated with violent behaviour in the past years especially when he gets intimidated by nosy paparazzis... but ever imagined him beating up a man whom he catches stirring at his wife's big butt?

Well,  Kim has the answer! She told the mag, "it's true, he would go afyter anyone that tried."

This apparently means, men do not have to admire God's creation even it's as hot as Kim's 'belifies'... or as she calls it 'ass-ies' or even in real life.