Juliet Ibrahim is given women in the movie business a serious run for their money and she's doing it so effortlessly.

The Ghanaian film maker premiered her long awaited movie, 'Shattered Romance' in Lagos on Thursday, October 14 and Pulse TV got all the exclusives.

From fans to colleagues, those who rocked the red carpet weren't only there to show off their gorgeous looks but were ready to support Ibrahim and her vision to place Gollywood on the movie map in the world.

"Everybody who watches this movie should know that we also from Gollywood are trying to step up our game and be recognized like others out there," Ibrahim told Pulse TV.

"So, with the quality of this movie, the sound, the story line where you cannot predict it till the end of the movie… and also the great casting where it doesn't have to be only stars but you put a cast together and you get what you want and your story is interpreted is what I want people to understand," she added.

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Actors React

Ghanaian actor Eddie Watson explained that 'Shattered Romance' indeed has levelled Ibrahim on top of the industry stratosphere. "People are going to love Juliet [Ibrahim] even more… Because this is the first time I'm seeing her being so dramatic and she played her character so well and I really admired it," Watson said.

The new movie talks about two couples who struggle to find love after losing it. Love, heartbreak, reconciliation are all talked about but do people really understand what these terms mean?

"Heartbreak is a huge word,"James Gardiner who also plays in the film said, "But with this film, there is a little twist. The title will make you feel as if you have the whole idea and know what it's about but it's not."

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Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe applauded Juliet for producing the film "it’s a whole lot of work, because when you are going into production, you don't want to fall short of people's expectations" she said.

Juliet debut her movie in the Nigerian cinemas and by the end of it all, many watchers said: "She did a great job!"

Watch Pulse TV's exclusive footage from the red carpet of 'Shattered Romance' movie premier in Lagos below