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According to TMZ, ex-couple have been issued a legal document in which the divorce clerk accuses the pair of "sleeping at the wheel," and doing nothing to finalise the procedure. An ultimatum was thereby issued, asking the ex-couple to actively pursue the proceedings or have the case dismissed altogether.

Sources close to both sides have backed up the claims that the actress and the French actor are definitely in no hurry to end their marriage and seem comfortable with the fact that their marriage would not be ending anytime soon, reports TMZ.

Berry recently admitted to the fact that she would prefer to avoid a third divorce, as it is not good for the kids. The 50-year-old has a daughter from a previous marriage and shares a son with Martinez.

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Right now, the pair is reportedly co-parenting 3-year-old Mateo Martinez and 8-year-old Nahla Aubry, with hopes that they could make their marriage work if Martinez can work on managing his anger.

Berry got married to Martinez in 2013 and filed for divorce from him barely two years after, in October 2015.