Funke Akindele has probably decked her halls already and is ready for Christmas!

The "Jenifa" star was spotted in her Santa outfit at a school in Lagos. "#jenifathesantamama stopped by to see the children," she captioned the photo shared to her 2.5million followers.

Meanwhile, A new sitcom from Akindele aka Jenifa, "Jenifa in London" continues the exploits of Jenifa and Adaku, as the two travel to London in search of greener pastures. It follows the trouble that comes with being an illegal immigrant.

The Sitcom also stars Bikiyah Graham DouglasOnyibo Princess, Bunmi Mojekwu, Jack Loy, Lolo 1 among others.

Funke Akindele has been a household name since the start of her role as Jenifa in "Jenifa" and then "The Return of Jenifa." Eight years after the release of the 2008 movie "Jenifa," Akindele has created a phenomenal TV character that will never be forgotten in the history of Nigerian TV.