Nigerian singer,

She was soon commended by fans who felt this was seeing Cynthia in another light or as one fan would put it 'responsible'.

So an unlucky fan commented on her post saying, "You look so responsible in that dress".

Then Cynthia clapped back at him asking, "Who responsible epp?"

She also told him to stop labelling people responsible by their dress code.

She wrote, "Stop labelling people responsible by their dress code... dressing up is a feeling and very in the moment. Being respoonsible is a thing of the heart and serves lifetime."

Meanwhile, news reports have revealed that undefined stolen Range Rover, has been recovered by the Lagos state command operatives.

The vehicle had reportedly been recovered last week, April 11, 2016, from a mechanic workshop in the Ojodu area of Lagos state.

The white Range Rover SUV had reportedly been stolen on March 12, 2016 under undisclosed circumstances.

Watch the visual for Cynthia Morgan's 'Baby Mama' below.