ALSO READ: Ciara Singer marks son's 2nd birthday with beautiful photo

The 30-year-old singer took to her Instagram page today, September 5, to share a sweet photo of her son, Future Jr. balling.

The three-year-old is pictured riding in his Mercedes G-Wagon model car behind two parked G Wagons.

Ciara shares Future Jr. with rapper ex, Future but is now happily married to football star, Russell Wilson.

Future Jr. is obviously getting the best of everything as should be expected as he begins to adjust to having a constant father figure in his life instead of being moved back and forth between his biological parents.

Wilson is also really smitten by his step son and has since stepped into his role as a father to the toddler.

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Ciara and Future were engaged in 2013 but split a few months after their son was born in May 2014.