Cardi Bs boyfriend, Offset is reportedly in another sex tape scandal as a video of the rapper with another girl who isnt Cardi B has leaked on Twitter.

Even though you can barely recognise if Offset is the one in the video, it shows an Offset look-alike with another lady having sex. This is not the first time Offset would be caught in a sex tape scandal. He was reportedly said to have cheated on his fiancée, with another lady who is said to be a South African lady and sex video of them was also leaked.

Well, maybe just ease the tension, the sex tape was causing, Cardi B released a fake sex videoof her and Offset. The video which was first aired on Cardi's Instagram Live shows the couple having what looks like live sex and joking about it.

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In the clip, Cardi says, "I don't got no more in me left. You gotta give a whole hour" ... with Offset at the back.

At first, people really thought it was a sex tape until Cardi B responded via her Instagram live. "I was fully clothes on live, I was not fuc*in on live! Yaaa can't be that slow" the 'Bodak Yellow' rapper wrote.

Also, a rep for Cardi told TMZ, the "sex video" isn't real ... it was all a joke. We're told they weren't actually banging and were fully clothed in the video."

Just before this latest developing story, Cardi B had released a video where she was thanking God and her fans for career growth. The very energetic rapper took to her Instagram page on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2017 where she posted a video of her just wearing her bra and sweat pants thanking God and her fans for her career growth.