Yesterday (Tuesday, April 5, 2016)

The mother-of-one shared an adorable picture on her Instagram of herself playing with Robs cheeks while showing off a stunning diamond ring on that finger.

The engagement news quickly spread in the hills of Hollywood and Blac Chyna's mum sent her congratulatory message. Amber Rose who is Blac Chyna's best friend also sent in her best wishes.

"Congratulations to my Family," Amber wrote alongside a loving photo of the happy couple. "Please don’t let nothing or no one tear you u guys apart! I never seen my sis so happy and I couldn’t be more happy for her! Sometimes we find love in the strangest places. Lol God Bless you 2! Now let’s get this wedding together so y’all can start making some babies.”

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The Kardashian family haven't made any public statement about the news. Maybe they have maintained a stance of silence because they are confused about the whole thing and don't know how to handle the news of Blac Chyna being a Kardashian.

We can't blame reality TV's first family, the Blac Chyna scenario is puzzling to say the least. If she and Rob Kardashian make it to the altar it would be very confusing.

When Blac Chyna becomes Mrs. Kardashian what will her son King Cairo who she had for Tyga call her, mum or aunty? Tyga is dating Rob Kardashian's sister Kylie Jenner. The young Jenner brat snatched Tyga from Blac Chyna. To make things more weird when the marriage happens Tyga will also be King Cairo's uncle. Talk about a twisted family tree.

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Moving on, Blac Chyna's best friend is Amber Rose. The sexy bald headed model formerly dated Kanye West who is now married to Kim Kardashian who would be Blac Chyna's sister-in-law when she gets married to Rob.

Before Kylie Jenner started dating Tyga, Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna were actually cool friends. This even makes things more twisted. Thanksgiving dinner is going to be pretty weird at the Kardashian family house this year.

Blac Chyna is still not seen as a member of the family even though she has helped Rob with his weight issues. One member of the family who has no problems with the news is Tyga.

On Twitter Tyga said "Everybody deserves 2 be happy. What some1 does for their happiness is not my concern, as long as it's not interfering wit my happiness."

Let's see how this plays out. Things are about to become interesting on ''.