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The Nollywood actress tells Vanguard during a recent interview of how she tried paying for a meal at the airport but couldn't.

Joseph said:

“I never believed I would have to ever beg for money in my entire life but it happened to me this unforgettable and embarrassing day at the airport. Jesus, I was so embarrassed. I was at the airport and needed to use the ATM because I didn’t have a dime on me. But for some reason, the ATM didn’t work and I couldn’t withdraw any money. This is after I had eaten at a restaurant at the airport and needed to pay. I looked around to see if I could spot anyone I know until my instinct told me I had no choice but to beg. The mere thought of it made me cringe with horror. Me, Nita, to beg? It was inconceivable and unimaginable but it was the only reality staring me in the face or I had to face bigger embarrassment from the restaurateurs.”

She went on to describe the disdainful responses she got from the first two guys she approached even though the second finally helped her out.

“You mean you are an actress and you don’t have any money on you and you depend on ATM. Na Wa for una.” the first guy barked at her.

“I was almost in tears and my flight was already boarding. I approached another guy and told him the same story and what he said was another shock to my soul. He asked me who I am and said ‘ are you doing this? I told him I am a Nigerian actress but he replied that he doesn’t watch Nigerian films. To my surprise, he gave me the money and behold one of my movies was showing at the lounge."

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Joseph's experience can easily pass for anyone's worst nightmare and would not be forgotten in a hurry.