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For Morton Fleischer, "

"This is all about the lifestyle," Morton told Business Insider. "The ranches are beautiful, but when you combine them, we're combining a modern Western lifestyle [in Arizona]... with an 'Old West' lifestyle in Montana. Montana is essentially very much like the 'Old West' was, and Scottsdale's the 'New West.' When you combine them, you can live both lifestyles."

The package includes the MorDo Ranch in Scottsdale and Horsethief Basin Ranch just outside of Lewistown, Montana as a joint listing by Walt Danley Realty in Scottsdale and PureWest Real Estate in Bozeman, Montana, as exclusive affiliates of Christie's International Real Estate.

The Fleischers built the ranch in Scottsdale, where Morton's business was based, about 25 years ago. Morton calls Scottsdale "the next Beverly Hills" because of its shopping facilities, top-notch health care, and other amenities.

Here's a look at the two ranches that represent different versions of the archetypal Western lifestyle.

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