Mother's Day: 10 relatable things every Nigerian mother has said and done

We are counting down 10 most relatable Nigerian mother moments.

Nigerian mothers are so relatable [Punch]

It doesn’t matter what part of the country you are from, once you have experienced one of them, you have experienced all of them.

Here are some relatable things about Nigerian mothers.

Whenever you ask a stupid question about where to place an object, Nigerian mothers are sure to answer you with the sarcastic response, ‘Put it on my head’.

This is emotional manipulation 101, when a Nigerian mother wants to get you to do her bidding, she reminds you that you sucked from her breasts.

Best in savings. When visitors gave us money as children, Nigerian mothers always tricked us into giving them the money by saying they were saving it for us. When you remind them, they tell you about how they have been taking care of you from when you were born.

Nigerian mothers are always talking about what they saw on ‘Wuzzup’ (WhatsApp) or their ‘church platform’. Nigerian mothers are the queens of sending BCS full of misinformation, asking if you have watched it and telling you to be careful.

Forget about your significant other, no one hypes up your picture more than your mother. She’s your number one supporter and she thinks you are the most beautiful and handsome person - even if you aren’t. But if the picture is too ‘sexy’, expect your Nigerian mother to call you out on it.

If there’s one thing you can count on is your mother’s prayers, especially on your birthday - except you are a bad child. Nigerian mothers are known for praying for their children with all their might on their birthdays.

If you are still unmarried, sorry for you, because a Nigerian mother will not rest until all her children are happily married and have given her grandchildren. Even though she warned you to stay away for boys - or girls when you were younger. A Nigerian mother would even take you to see her pastor if your singless is critical.

Doesn’t matter if you are living with her or not, a Nigerian mother does not want any responsible child of hers outside by 9 pm and she needs to know about your movement.

One thing about a Nigerian mother, she is never out of errands to send you on no matter how old you are. If you are not washing plates, you are cooking. If you aren’t cooking, you are following her to the market or ironing her complicated outfits.

Nigerian mothers communicate with their eyes, especially in public and when people are there. When you were younger, if visited your neighbour and they asked you if you were hungry, always look at your mother, her eyes will say all you need to know.


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