Making money is the easy part, managing it properly is the tough part. This is why it pays to have an app that gives you what you need to effectively set up budgets, save and invest your cash.

Here are five great apps to help you manage your money:


This online platform "empowers people through saving and particularly saving from your debit card." It was started by Somto Ifezue, Odunayo Eweniyi and Joshua Chibueze.

To increase your chances of successfully saving your money, it offers a fixed deposit feature called Safelock. This prevents the user from withdrawing funds until an agreed withdrawal date. You can either choose to lock all or some of your PiggyBank savings for any duration.

Piggybank has a great feature called SafeLock
Piggybank has a great feature called SafeLock

All you have to do is download, enter your card details; full PIN, expiry date, CVV, get verified, and viola, you are ready to start saving with as little as N100!

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Another amazing digital savings platform is an app called Cowrywise, launched in 2017.

It offers automated personal savings, which means your money gets saved automatically from your bank account into your Cowrywise account.

This app is great for both saving and investing
This app is great for both saving and investing

Unlike Piggybank, this app is quite flexible, giving users room to withdraw from their unlocked saving plans without restriction or penalty.

This app also offers daily and competitive interests on your saved up cash. According to the official website, you earn 2.5 times more than your bank can give you.


Apart from saving, another great way to manage your money is by budgeting which can be done with Wally. This personal finance app you track your cash inflow, outflow, the amount of money you have saved and the amount you have budgeted.

You can select the currency that best applies to you, "from the American Dollar to the Congolese franc." It is also really great for tracking your daily expenses. It is available on iOS and Android.

Wally is a great way to budget and effectively manage your personal finances
Wally is a great way to budget and effectively manage your personal finances


This app is perfect for saving up for a specific goal. It helps you track your progress and offers visual incentives to help save until you reach your goal. It is only available on iOS.

Personal Capital

Managing your money properly also includes investment. This is where Personal Capital Mobile App comes in. This award-winning app helps you monitor and track your investments in real-time, 24/7, offering alerts whenever something happens.

Money management is extremely important
Money management is extremely important

It has has been listed as one of CNBC's Disruptor 50 for two years in a row.