Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, in his interview with Financial Times (FT) talked about his business empire, romantic life, and how he intends to treat himself to a small indulgence by buying his favourite football club, Arsenal FC, after fulfilling his crazy $12 billion refinery project.

Speaking with David Piling in a Financial Times interview, Dangote said when the project is completed it will be first in the history of Nigeria and the largest exporter of petroleum products in Africa.

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Here are other things the Africa’s richest man revealed in his FT interview:

1. He wants to build an industrial empire

The Nigerian billionaire said his $12bn refinery project will make Nigeria the largest exporter of petroleum products in Africa, once complete.

He said he is ready to build his own industrial gas plant, produce enough trucks in collaboration with a Chinese company, power up the plant with 480 megawatts.

2. Dangote's romantic life

The African richest man admitted that his busy schedule is inhibiting romance.  He said he is not getting younger at 61 – as he is on the lookout for a new bride.

He believes his busy schedule cannot give him enough time to go out and get somebody to marry.

3. Takes more than 100 calls a day

In the interview, Dangote said he takes more than 100 calls per day and attend to scores of email. His friend and former British prime minister had advised him to screen the number of calls he takes per day.

“ The world is not going to fall apart if you don’t answer your phone, ” Dangote told FT that Blair advised him.

4. His desire to acquire the Premiership football team -  Arsenal FC

Aliko Dangote said he will definitely go for Arsenal football team after he see through the Refinery. He said he will involve himself in rebuilding the team and offers an advisory role when the time comes.

5. Taking the back seat on some of his businesses

The 61-year-old billionaire said he is pulling a back seat from the Boards and take his Doctor’s advice. He says he will concentrating on strategies while others run the businesses.

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6. Ready for the oil cabal

The Kano-born billionaire said he is aware of the oil cabal milking the Nigerian system over import contract and concoct ways to scheme the system with subsidies.

“I’m sure you know about this game,” Dangote told David Piling of FT in the interview on his plan to disrupt the oil system with the process 650,000 barrels of oil a day at his Lagos refinery in what could be the biggest oil refinery in the world.

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