• Whole Foods started as a small store called SaferWay.
  • The company has an emphasis on charity and giving back.
  • The store banned plastic bags in 2008.
  • Amazon Prime users get a discount at Whole Foods.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods began as a small health food store opened by a 25-year-old college dropout.

opened in Austin, Texas, in 1978

Co-founders Mackey and Lawson Hardy lived at their store.

decided to live at the store

in a 2004 interview with Fast Company

Mackey follows a plant-based diet.

in an interview with NBC News

The OG Whole Foods was damaged in a flood.

resulted from a merger

told CNBC

The company expanded by purchasing other natural food chains.

purchasing other natural food chains

Whole Foods branched into e-commerce in the late '90s.

a business called WholePeople.com

Gaia, Inc.

The chain's stores have been plastic bag-free since 2008.

in 2008

eco-friendly initiatives

Whole Foods operates several charitable foundations.

Whole Kids FoundationWhole Cities Foundation

Employees have open salaries.

compensation data

The Decoded Company: Know Your Talent Better Than You Know Your Customers

Despite being CEO, Mackey himself has an annual salary of $1.

elected to be compensated as little as possible

in a letter to employees

There are more than 470 locations in three countries.

more than 470 stores

The company has a budget-focused chain called Whole Foods 365.

growing, budget-focused chainlocations

Amazon Prime members enjoy a variety of perks at Whole Foods.

Amazon Prime