2016 marks the end of a chapter in world politics.

Presidents have resigned, one or two have been impeached, and others were voted out of office by the people.

Here are the 5 notable elections which held in 2016:

1. Philippine Elections

The Philippine constitution states that a President can only rule for one ‘six-year’ term, so the incumbent Benigno AquinoIII could not compete.

There was no one to stop the fiery and controversial character, Rodrigo Duterte from sweeping into power.

Just a few months after being sworn in, Duterte called US President Obama and the Pope “sons of whores”, and further angered the US by allying with China.

His controversial war on drugs is believed to have claimed more than 2,500 lives, even as he pledges to kill all drug addicts.

2. Gambia Elections

Finally, after 22 years in power, Gambian President Yahya Jammehlost an election to inexperienced rival, businessman Adama Barrow.

After graciously conceding defeat, Jammeh in a turnaround declared he was going to contest the results of the election at the supreme court.

His decision to contest the elections is believed to have been caused by President-elect Barrow’s threat to jail him.

3. UK Election

Though there was no Presidential election in Britain in 2016, they voted for Brexit. The decision to leave the EU prompted Prime Minister David Cameron to quit his job.

Theresa May became the second female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and is charged with negotiating the transition of the UK from the EU.

4. Ghana Election

Ghana was once hailed as a rising force in Africa, before drowning itself in too much debt.

The West African country took its economic frustration to the polls.

Incumbent President John Mahamawas voted out as Ghanaians sought out a new messiah in Nana Akufo-Addo.

After losing in 2008 and 2012, Akufo-Addo finally won 152 constituencies and 5,545,514 votes.

5. US Elections

The 2016 US election was full of drama and surprises. Donald Trump, who lost out in all the popular polls, beat career politician Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s questioning of the ‘One China’ policy, his hardline Islamist rhetoric, and his determination to deport migrants, has got both US allies and foes worried.

The election of Trump marks an important shift in world policy making as more leftist politicians are sweeping to power around the world.