Six more people have been reported dead in central Vietnam’s floods, bringing the death toll in the region to 24 in the past 10 days, authorities said on Friday.

The National Committee for Search and Rescue (NCSR) reported.

NCSR said the floods, which began on Nov. 29, have killed 10 people in Binh Dinh province, seven in Quang Nam province and six in Quang Ngai province and one in Gia Lai province.

However, two people were still missing.

The Central Steering Committee on Natural Disaster Prevention and Control reported that Heavy rains had submerged nearly 10,000 homes and 1,300 hectares of rice fields in the region.

The army has mobilised over 2,500 soldiers to help flood victims.

“The region received up to 500 millimetres of rainfall for the past three days.

“Roads have been damaged and many areas have been isolated by flood waters,’’ the NCSR said.

The floods of the past 10 days are just the latest in a series of heavy rainfalls in the region.

“In mid-October, “non-stop” rains from a tropical depression killed 31 people and flooded nearly 100,000 homes,’’ it reported.

Report says severe flooding is expected to continue in the Quang Ngai and Binh Dinh provinces, while floodwaters in other affected areas are receding.