Former President Goodluck Jonathan has condemned the coup attempt in Gabon.

On Monday, January 7, 2019, five soldiers took control of a radio station and called on young people to take charge of their destiny, BBC reports.

The insurgents, led by Lt Kelly Ondo Obiang called on soldiers to take control of weapon reserves, airports and the transport system.

In his reaction, the former President said “I stand with the African Union in condemning the attempted coup in Gabon. While urging for calm, restraint and peaceful conduct, I also call on the military authorities to return the country to its status as a constitutional democracy.

“African countries may be facing different challenges, capable of visiting untold hardships on the people. However, the creativity required in resolving those challenges can only be located in the democratic space.

“As there’s no other alternative governance style that could deliver public good to a greater majority of the people. There’s no doubt that the socio-economic interest of continental Africa is better served under a stable atmosphere, which constitutional democracy guarantees," Daily Post reports.

According to BBC normalcy has returned to the oil rich country.

A government spokesman, Guy-Bertrand Mapangou said "The situation is calm. The gendarmes who are often stationed there have taken control of the entire area around the radio and TV headquarters, so everything is back to normal,” the report said.

Also, the five soldiers who tried to take over the government have been arrested.