Ekiti State Governor,

The governor made his comments during an interview with The Sun.

“We are hopeful that tomorrow, dry bones will rise again. The PDP that many perceived is dead today is just a sleeping lion and it will rise again. The PDP has structure in every nook and cranny of the nation," he said.

“If you tell me, in Kano, there were elections, they say APC got over 2 million vote and no voided votes and just a little for PDP. Come to think of it, you would see that that election was purely arranged.

“Not long after, the resident electoral officer that conducted that election died in a fire incident in his home; so we were told. We will know the truth when we all see God.

“They are making PDP to contest against INEC. I tell you the dry bones of PDP will rise again. The party will take over. Even if there would be an emergence of a new political party, we will wait and see before we jump in. But in politics, nothing is impossible,” he added.

The PDP has been involved in a leadership crisis since it made attempts to remove Ali Modu Sheriff as chairman in May.