The Senate President,

Human Rights Watch recently revealed that 43 women and girls were raped, abused and sexually exploited by security operatives in seven IDP camps in Maiduguri in July 2016.

The Senate President also promised to ensure that bills which will help solve the crisis in various IDP camps are passed.

Saraki said this while meeting with a United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) delegation led by Angele Dikongue-Atangana.

He said the Senate would work with the House of Representatives to improve the welfare of internally displaced persons across the country.

Saraki also promised to spearhead the domestication of the Kampala Convention on Statelessness and Protection of Refugees.

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The Senate President said “It is disheartening when you read and hear of cases of corruption in the supply of food items; when you see cases of malnutrition and mortality in the IDP camps; when you see children with cases of malnutrition and you know there can be speedy recovery if the necessary drugs and nutritional items are provided with the necessary food items.”

Following the revelation made by Human Rights Watch, President Buhari immediately ordered an investigationinto the alleged rape of IDPs.