Vice President,

Speaking at the on-going SME Conference 2016 in Abuja, Osinbajo said the Federal Government under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari will partner with SMEs and local exporters to address some of the obstacles in their business, particularly access to finance.

Osinbajo stressed that “one of the things we’ve assured a lot of those exhibiting today is that we’re going to be working with them day by day to see that they achieve all of their objectives.”

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The event which is jointly hosted by the Nigerian-American Chambers of Commerce, Kaduna State government, and the Embassy of the United States of America saw the VP saying: "I have seen an incredible variety of agro- business entrepreneurship here today and I am really excited about all these.I think that one of the key things that we have seen are some of the bottlenecks especially in financing some of these products and some of what these people are doing.  And so we are looking at how to remove the bottlenecks in many of the situations that we see, so certainly we are going to be working on this."

Osinbajo further said one of the main objectives is that the participants will be able to export in large quantities.