The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) has warned the Federal Government against increasing the price of fuel.

The General Secretary of NLC, Dr. Peter Ozo-Eson, said it will be insensitive for the government to increase fuel price during this economic down-turn.

According to Punch, some filling station in Lagos and Ogun states, have started selling fuel at N150.

Ozo-Eson also said “Well, we have been clear on this matter from the beginning that once you submit the determination of the prices of the products to the market, the way they are doing it in an import regime, that will devalue the naira. Therefore, they will come back and tell you the prices are not realistic. We knew that from the beginning and we said so.

“The fact of the matter is that any attempt to increase the price of fuel now, given the level of hardship and the level of suffering Nigerians are going through, will be regarded as extremely insensitive.”

Adding that “We do hope that Nigerians will realise that this has no end, and what the government is doing will continue to impose extreme hardship on them, and they need to tell the government that enough is enough.

“Other than that, we oppose any adjustment in the pump price. If the government goes ahead to do it, it will indicate what we hinted right from the beginning that the policy adopted was wrong, and it remains wrong.

“It is up to Nigerians to oppose it. We provided the necessary leadership based on our understanding of the issues and the reality is coming home to roost and it is never too late. Nigerians will have to take the decision as to how they have to live with it.”

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The Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) had pegged the price of fuel between N135 and N145 per litre.