A sports charity, Youth Sports Trust has said future generations of young people risk becoming "hostages to handheld devices" and disengaged from physical activity.

A  poll of 1,000 5- to 16-year olds suggested 75% of young people enjoy PE at school, and two-thirds feel better after taking part in sport.

On the other hand, some 23% of children said they viewed playing a computer game with a friend as a form of exercise, while a third said they spoke to their friends more on social media than in person.

The report - The class of 2035: promoting a brighter and more active future for the youth of tomorrow - said "greater efforts made to ensure that there is little division among the tech capabilities of young people."

It also said "in order to get children active from a young age, a more holistic approach to PE is needed, one which integrates technology and the delivery of a seamless, intuitive and digitally enhanced form of physical activity."

Furthermore, the group urged young people to develop healthy habit of playing and enjoying sport - both inside and outside school.

According to the group's chief executive, Ali Oliver, action needs to be taken to  modernise the approach to PE and school sport so as to guarantee the well-being of future generations.