World’s richest black woman,

Alakija recently revealed that her late mother was the inspiration behind her doggedness and ability to strive hard in her pursuit of success.

The billionaire made this known at the Wealth Creation platform organised by KICC in Lagos, when she spoke about how wealth can be created and managed.

She said: “I can tell you my mum was an inspiration for me, she was industrious till her dying days. My mum died at the age of 92 and till her death she was a businesswoman. My mum was an illiterate but understood the business side of life and she won’t just accept to be idle for a split second.

“At 90, my mum, who already had her house, a car and a driver would still sit in front of her house and sell pure water despite all the wealth she had accrued. She doesn’t believe in being still. She kept working till she died,” Alakija said.

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Alakija also revealed that she found out that she had a flair for writing and has written over six books, some of which she wrote for her last birthday in July 2016.