Governor Kayode Fayemi has revealed that the administration of Ayo Fayose plunged Ekiti state into a debt of over N170b.

Fayemi said this during his inaugural speech in Ado-Ekiti on Tuesday, October 16, 2018.

The Governor also accused his predecessor, Ayo Fayose of committing to too many white elephant projects.

End of an error

Governor Fayemi, during his speech, also described Fayose’s tenure as an error.

According to The Cable, he said the beginning of his administration marks the end of an error.

Fayemi said “As much as today marks the beginning of a new phase in our history as a people, it also signals the end of an era, or more appropriately, the end of an error. Without a doubt, Ekiti has been through a terrible wilderness experience within the last four years.

“Our reputation as a people has been soiled and we have become the pot of jokes due to the ineptitude, loquacious ignorance and ravenous corruption masquerading as governance in our state during the last administration.

“As we resume office, it is our duty, and we ensure to live up to it, to thoroughly review documents and widely disseminate the present state of affairs so that all and sundry know what has become of our commonwealth.

“We will ensure that within 100 days from Today, Ekiti-kete will know the true position of things in keeping with our ethos of transparency and accountability in government.

“As I have said time and again, my coming back to office is not a revenge mission but rather a healing balm on a wound.”

Lists focus of his administration

Governor Fayemi also listed the cardinal points of his administration’s focus, saying that his government will bring hope to those who are vulnerable in the society.

He said “The four pillars of our administration will be agriculture and rural development, social development, infrastructure and industrial development and entrenching the knowledge economy.

“Our greatest resource remains our people. We, therefore, remain committed to rescuing the social safety nets that will bring succour to the most vulnerable segments of our society.

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“Our ideological position remains that no individual in the society should be left behind.”

The Ekiti state Governor also added that “The governance agenda of this administration is therefore compelled to focus on four key areas through which we will deliver our promises to the people."

Former Governor Ayo Fayose was visibly absent at the inauguration.