The death toll for the current Ebola outbreak has risen to 8,795, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said.

Sierra Leone has accounted for 10,518 cases, while Liberia and Guinea had 8,622 and 2,917 cases respectively.

Other countries which had milder outbreaks of the disease include Nigeria, which had 20 cases and eight deaths, Mali, with eight cases and six deaths, The US, which had four cases and one death. Senegal, Spain and the UK recorded one infection each with no death.

Liberia has accounted for most of the casualties with 3,686 deaths, while Sierra Leone and Guinea had 3,199 and 1,910 deaths respectively.

The Ebola outbreak has however reached its lowest level of infections since it began in March 2014 and some experts say the epidemic might be over by June 2015.