The teeth play a very crucial role in the overall scheme of a person's wellbeing - they help us chew food and also help with speech.

Inspite of this, dental health is generally overlooked in favour of other aspects of healthcare, and more often than not, only dental challenges take us to the dentist's office.

But this really shouldn't be the case. With the teeth as crucial as every other part of the body, it's important that we take adequate care of our 'choppers'.

Fluoride is a mineral probably best known for preventing tooth decay because it helps to harden tooth enamel. Inadequate fluoride intakes result in an increased risk of tooth decay with symptoms including visible pits or holes on the teeth and toothaches.

It's advisable that we maintain a healthy intake of this mineral in order to prevent tooth decay.

According to MSN, here are 6 food items that are rich in fluoride, and therefore great for the teeth.