President Buhari during an interactive session with Nigerians living in Germany, promised to be hard on corruption.

Buhari also thanked Nigerians for their contributions to the fight against corruption, adding that there is so much rot in the society.

According to him, his administration will make it impossible for anyone to take money that belongs to government and get away with it.

Buhari said "We are working hard to empower our institutions especially our educational institutions. If you educate a person that is the best you can do for him but if not you make him susceptible to religious, ethnic, negative thinking and action. Nigerians are virtually supporting us in our fight against corruption, security and the economy."

The President also said Nigerians need to pay their taxes, adding that “If you work hard and get your money we will try and see how much tax you can pay us, but to take money from government and get away with it no more."

Buhari also frowned at the situation where oil marketers work in conjunction with banks to defraud the country.

He said “There are things that are happening, which if such had happened before there would have been major riot, like the removal of subsidy on fuel."

There are insinuations from some sources that Mr. President was in Germany to treat an undisclosed ailment.