Femi Adesina, the Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, has said that only the president has the right to

Adesina made the comment on Sunday, November 13, after he was asked about the possibility of a cabinet reshuffle during an appearance on Channels TV.

“Let me refer you to the Good Book. It says, “who are you to judge another man’s servant? It is before his master that he either rises or falls." The President assembled that cabinet, he has timelines and deliverables for them,” he said.

“So he is the one who can judge and assess them. If he is going to re-jig that cabinet, it is going to be his decision, his prerogative,” he added.

Buhari had, on November 9, urged his ministers to work hard to earn the trust of Nigerians.


The president appointed his ministers on November 11, 2015, about six months after his inauguration on May 29.