If research by Chinese scientists prove to be right, beer could be good for the body afterall.

The study which was published in the Journal of Lipid, revealed that subtle manipulation commonly found in animals can turn alcohol into glycogen rather than fat.

The experiment, which has so been carried out on rats, saw a cut in the build up of damaging fat on the animals’ livers.

Said lead researcher, Chen Yan:

“Our findings shed new light on the issue of drinking. It can lead to the development of new medicines that can reduce the negative health effects of alcohol, we are on the verge of shifting from dirty to clean energy,”

He explained that fat releases a lot of dirty energy when it burns, much like coal thus the "reason  to make the same kind of change inside our body, too, with the shift from fat to glycogen.”

Professor Chen’s team found that strengthening the PPP1r3G gene in rats appeared to curtail the build up of liver fat.

This could be done by the development of a pill.

He however sounded a note of caution to those hoping to capitalise on the potentially health giving properties of alcohol.