NBA legend Magic Johnson has been enlisted by the White House to promote the new Obamacare campaign. This call is geared towards urging young American people to sign up to the initiative.

The NBA Hall of Fame laureate released a two-minute video on Wednesday reemphasizing  that access to reliable health care "saved my life" with the early detection of his HIV infection 22 years ago, "If it wasn't for that quality health care that I had, and the plan that I had, I probably would have been dead," Johnson says in the video.

The former world-class athlete says, "Young people, they think they're Superman, like nothing's ever going to happen to them. But trust me, one day something's going to happen, and you're going to need a quality health plan, so make sure you get Obamacare."

According to Euroweb, "the retired Los Angeles Laker, 54, is the NBA's all-time leader in average assists per game. He plans to promote the video - soon to be 30 second ads on networks like ESPN, ABC and TNT - via Twitter and on a blog".

Reports say the Obamacare needs younger and (generally) healthier Americans to sign up to balance out older and (potentially) less healthy people acknowledging that people signing up for coverage on the new insurance marketplaces known as “exchanges” have tended to be older.

Magic’s video is speculated to ramp up The White House aggressive outreach effort to reach young people as the second half of open enrollment, working with allies across the spectrum, including grass-roots organizers, elected officials, colleges and universities, celebrities, athletes, and arts leaders continue.

Reports further confirm that the push to enroll young Americans will include making door-to-door pitches, pressing religious leaders to discuss enrollment with their congregations, encouraging employers to inform their employees, campaigning via social media, and a 'National Youth Enrollment Day', on Feb. 15.