Did you know that your nail can indicate when something is wrong from within? This is possible because the blood vessels that feed the nail bed gives the nail its colour. It is important to eat and live a healthy life, bad food habits affects the whole body as well as the tiniest part of our bodies like the nails.

1) Check out possible medical issues your nails might be telling you.

2) Spoon shape with upward curve  indicates iron deficiency and potential anemia.

3) Thick and dark nails indicates potential fungal infection.

4) Yellow nails (not caused by nicotine) indicates  lymphatic disorder, liver disorder or diabetes.

5) Wide and square-shaped  indicates hormonal disorder.

6) White spots  on nails indicate zinc deficiency.

7) White lines across the nails indicates liver disorder.

8) Thick cuticles is a result of poor digestion of proteins.

9) Dry nails equals dehydration.

10) Green nails indicates bacterial infection.