Natural honey has amazing qualities and does wonders for the skin. It is known to turn skin around when used often. The many uses of honey transcends the outward use of it only; though perfect for such.

There are reasons why you should wash your face with natural honey regularly

1) it is great for acne prone skin, aging skin, dry skin, oily skin... All types of skin. Honey works for all types of skin.

2) it is anti bacterial and anti microbial. It gets rid of bacteria and all that causes breakouts and other skin blemishes.

3) Honey is slightly drying. This simply means it soaks up any oiliness common with oily skin thus preventing pimples.

4) it has an amazing moisturizing power. Honey goes deep into your skin to deeply moisturize it.

5) Honey helps to repair scars  and acnenic sores. It is healing.

6) It is 100percent natural and its great on the skin.

Try a honey, facial, bath or wash regularly and watch the amazing transformation on your skin plus its a great and simple addition to your beauty routine.