Beautiful memories are for a lifetime…

And for romance that’s meant to last for years to come, these breathtaking images are just perfect to immortalize their early days!.

American blogsite, Junebug Weddings, has had its annual competition for engagement photos and here are the most amazing ones of the lot.

The popular marital website received more than 5,000 entries for this year's competition, with a final list of 50 now selected.

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Carrie Schwab, editor-in-chief of the site says: "A great engagement photo conveys all the excitement and love that a couple feels during this joyful time in their life together.

"On top of capturing the emotions, a great engagement photograph needs to showcase creativity…

"For us, that's the whole point of creating these collections," she says.

If there ever was a romance so tremendously satisfying to look upon, it’d be found in every photo captured in the gallery below.

You need to see every single one of them. Really!