With the proliferation of agony aunt pages on social media, sharing stories, narrating relationship issues and seeking better ways to do this love thing has become more common.

Of course, there can be no issues with having these humane channels where people try to make life easier for each other and help themselves out of difficult situations.

Sometimes, however, there are obvious relationship decisions that need to be made; decisions that you need not seek outside opinion on.

If you find yourself in a relationship that has the following signs, you should really consider running far from it:

You don’t look forward to spending time together

Matter of fact, you’d rather avoid it altogether if you can. It is an unhealthy way to be with someone you claim to love and if this how your partner makes you feel, you don’t need anyone to tell you that the relationship may be coming to an end.

Lovers’ fights should be against the issue and not the people in the relationship. [Credit: Youtube]

You’re always tackling each other

Lovers’ fights should be against the issue and not the people in the relationship. If you and your partner are always squabbling and tearing each other down as opposed to resolving the cause of your disputes, you really may want to just let go of the toxic relationship.

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You’re both resentful of each other

What’s the point of being with someone you feel resentful of?

You and your partner need to sit down and have an open and honest discussion about why you feel this way towards each other. Many times, it is simply a result of unresolved issues and conversations you shied away from having. If done effectively, this tactic could bring your relationship back from the brink.

Department of communication
This is why you should take a break from your partner.

If you have had this conversation many times to no avail, however, it may be time to really consider getting out of the relationship.

A relationship where criticism is a constant factor is not only unhealthy, but over time it can literally tear down your self-esteem because you begin to internalize what you are being critiqued about.

Communication is gone

Once this breaks down, there really isn’t much left in the relationship. And it is better to just let it go if you are no longer talking.